Ep 11: Lawyer v Trauma

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Carly Schrever, lawyer and provisional clinical psychologist and judicial wellbeing advisor at JCV.

While a pretty heavy term, what is vicarious trauma and might you have experienced it in your work as a lawyer?

As lawyers, we can be exposed to disturbing content either through evidence gathering processes, court proceedings or when interacting with clients or witnesses who are experiencing first hand trauma. Nat and Jenn discuss the under recognition of vicarious trauma for lawyers, how it can arise in the work of law and their own experiences in practice.

Jenn chats to lawyer and psychologist Carly Schrever about the symptoms of vicarious trauma, the relationship between trauma and empathy, and strategies for prevention and management including self-care.

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Guest biography: Carly Schrever is a lawyer, provisional clinical psychologist and the judicial wellbeing advisor at the Judicial College of Victoria. She is also a PhD candidate undertaking an Australia first study into judicial wellbeing.

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