Ep 10: Lawyer v Choices

Ep 10.jpeg

Sarah Holloway, co-founder of Matcha Maiden

As Sartre once observed, “we are our choices”.  We can face many difficult decisions throughout our career in law, such as whether to enter a new area of practice, undertake further study or change jobs.

Nat and Jenn discuss how to make difficult career decisions including the benefits of values-based decision making, differentiating internal and external motivators and addressing cognitive biases. They explore their very different approaches to decision making – evidence based practice versus gut instinct! 

Jenn chats with Sarah Holloway, former commercial lawyer turned entrepreneur, about the courageous decisions that led her from the law to co-found wellness business Matcha Maiden.

Show notes: What Colour is your Parachute book, Ruth Chang Tedtalk on how to make hard decisions

Guest biography: Sarah Holloway is a lawyer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar, health food businesses specialising in Japanese matcha tea powder. Sarah also speaks at wellness and entrepreneurial events. Sarah formerly worked in mergers and acquisitions at King & Wood Mallesons.

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