Ep 13: Lawyer v Anxiety

Stephanie Lau, The Holiday Psychologist

Stephanie Lau, The Holiday Psychologist

Have you ever felt a sense of dread when a new file hits your desk? When you hear an email ‘ping’? When tallying your billables for the month?

Lawyering can bring many rewarding challenges, but there are risks associated with persistent worry and constantly being on ‘high alert’. Nat and Jenn discuss life as an anxious lawyer, the symptoms of anxiety and strategies for management such ‘sitting with it’, gaining perspective and detachment.

Jenn speaks with Stephanie Lau, the Holiday Psychologist, about the definition of anxiety, how to know if you’re experiencing it and the importance of self-care. They discuss the art of holidaying in a relaxing and restorative way, including letting go of FOMO!

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Show notes: Stephanie Lau Psychologist, The Holiday Psychologist, Jeena Cho article on the anxious lawyer brain

Guest biography: Stephanie Lau is an educational and developmental psychologist working in public and private health. Stephanie has a particular interest in wellbeing and holidays through her project the Holiday Psychologist.