Season 2 launches on 29 September!

We're delighted to share that Season 2 of Compos Mentis will launch this Friday 29 September, as part of the Bottled Snail Productions family!

Tune in to hear hosts Nat and Jenn chat about wellbeing as for lawyers and speak with guests including: Sarah Holloway (co-founder of Matcha Matcha), Stephanie Lau (The Holiday Psychologist) and Carly Schrever (judicial wellbeing advisor at Judicial College of Victoria).

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Season 2 of Compos Mentis is on the way!

We're so excited to share that Season 2 of Compos Mentis is about to launch!

Tune in to hear hosts Nat and Jenn discuss how to stay happy and healthy in law, through topics like 'authenticity', 'choices', 'anxiety', 'outlook' and 'success'.

We're delighted to be working with Bottled Snail Productions and guest interviewees to bring you the best season yet!

In the meantime listen to Season 1 through iTunes or our website, and follow us on Facebook for updates.

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Ep 8: Lawyer v Change

It's the final episode of Season 1! 

Taking off their lawyer hats, Nat and Jenn chat about life’s changes and how wellbeing tools like mindfulness, acceptance and detachment can help to manage big (starting a family!), medium (new job!) and small (adventure holidays!) challenges in both work and life. 

Jenn discusses the value of personal and professional challenges, and change, for building resilience. Nat explains the benefits of having ‘an internal benevolent dictator’, and the beauty of self-validation!

Heartfelt thanks to our listeners for their support, stay compos mentis and tuned in - Season 2 is in the works.

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Ep 7: Lawyer v Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a constant of legal practice, for example the impact of legislative reforms on your client or how a judge might rule in your case. Many lawyers might also experience broader uncertainty regarding their practice (do I really love litigation?) or career (is law for me?). 

Nat and Jenn discuss different tools to manage uncertainty including contingency planning, managing expectations, building adaptation skills and keeping perspective. 

They explore the ‘doing versus being’ dichotomy and why it’s important to both put goals in place and work towards them, but enjoy your present work in the moment.

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Show notes: Study on uncertainty and stress

Ep 6: Lawyer v Diversity

Do we all need to be like Harvey Specter – aggressive, unscrupulous and slick –  to be a gun lawyer?

Nat and Jenn explore stereotypes in the law, and explain how challenging archetypes of lawyers through diversity can enhance wellbeing. Diversity can include traditional attributes like gender, disability, race, sexuality and parental status, but also different personality types, leadership styles and problem-solving approaches.

Nat and Jenn discuss  the many benefits of workplace diversity including improved mental health and happiness, representativeness of the law and legal innovation.

They suggest different ways of supporting diversity, most importantly - be yourself!

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Show notes: Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation, Diversity Council of Australia's business case for diversity, DCA research into gender equality and wellbeing

Either you run the day, or the day runs you

Time, that wonderful thing we all don't seem to have enough of!

Tune into Episode 5 this Monday to hear Nat and Jenn discuss billables, estimates, the meaning of 'urgent' and practical tools for improving time management and wellbeing for lawyers.

In the meantime, enjoy that extra magical day of time over this long weekend!

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Ep 4: Lawyer v Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a hot topic right now, but is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

Nat and Jenn discuss what mindfulness is, some cool scientific evidence, and how it can benefit your legal practice (improved concentration and memory), your clients (enhanced empathy and emotional intelligence) and yourself (better mental health).

They explore different entry points into mindfulness like meditation and checking-in when doing small daily tasks. Try it for yourself! 

Show notes: Smiling Mind app, Headspace app, Jon Kabat Zinn on what is mindfulnessAndy Puddicombe's Tedtalk on 10 mindful minutes

Ep 3: Lawyer v Stress

For many of us, stress is a constant feature of life in the law. But does it have to be, and can it be managed or used in a positive way? 

Nat and Jenn explore physiological and emotional stress responses, modern triggers and stress management strategies for lawyers including: knowing your triggers, staying in the moment, checking in throughout the day, seeking support, keeping perspective and identifying immediate and long-term stress relief activities. 

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Show notes: Kelly McGonigal's Tedtalk on how to make stress your friend, American Bar Association article on stress management 

Ep 2: Lawyer v Perfection

As Voltaire once said: ‘perfect is the enemy of good’. But is perfectionism really such a bad thing when legal work requires high standards of accuracy and technical excellence? Yes, when it is linked unhappiness, reduced productivity and a heightened prospect of mental health issues.

Nat and Jenn discuss the detriments of perfectionism to the work of a lawyer, and the surprising upsides of vulnerability. They explore strategies for recovering perfectionists including identifying sources of perfectionism, a growth versus fixed mindset, distinguishing ‘right’ and ‘perfect’ and letting your light shine. 

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Show notes: Brené Brown on perfectionism, Carol Dweck's Tedtalk on the fixed versus growth mindset

Ep 1: Lawyer v Sound

What exactly is wellbeing and what place does it have in the work of a lawyer? Why did Nat and Jenn want to make a podcast about it and are they compos mentis? What can you expect from the podcast?

Meet your hosts Nat and Jenn, find out why they have committed to failing while daring greatly, and learn more about the episodes to come. 

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Show notes: Brené Brown's Tedtalk on the power of vulnerability, Harvard Grant study on the secrets of happinessLifelineTristan Jepson Memorial Foundation

Why Compos Mentis?

Compos Mentis, our podcast about wellbeing for lawyers, is launching this Monday 29 May!

Did you know that at some point in a lawyer's career - from the very beginning as law students up to the echelons of law firm partners - one in three of us will experience clinical depression, anxiety or another stress-related illness?

This rife reality shows how difficult but important it is to manage your wellbeing, before you reach breaking point. We hope that our chats on Compos Mentis support lawyers to manage work related mental health and wellbeing challenges.

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Stay tuned!

Welcome to Compos Mentis!

We're so excited to share that Compos Mentis, a podcast about staying happy, healthy and productive while working in the law, will launch on 29 May!

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On launch day we'll release three episodes on iTunes and our website: Episode 1 about wellbeing in the law, Episode 2 about dealing with perfectionism and Episode 3 about stress management for lawyers.

In discussing key themes like stress, perfectionism, authenticity and how they relate to the work of a lawyer, Compos Mentis explores the unspoken realities of life as a lawyer and identifies concrete tools to help manage lawyers' wellbeing.

Each bite sized episode is a conversation between us (hosts Jenn and Nat) of up to 30 minutes. Together they provide an easy listening toolkit to enhance wellbeing for lawyers.

In the meantime check out our About page or get in contact.

Stay tuned!